Men's Fellowship

Tuesday Morning Men’s Coffee: Meet at Augustine’s Bakery, 1305 Main St. at 10:30am

Men’s Fraternity: Meet on Wednesday mornings from 6:00-7:30am at Breathe Coffee House, 703 Main St.


Come Join Us

Our Purpose: to encourage every man to be authentically and fully the man God designed and gifted him to be. As authentic men, we will follow our Leader, Jesus Christ, obediently to carry out His Mission for life. Our Life Mission … of following our Leader Jesus Christ will be seen …In our marriages – as we become true lovers of our wives – seeking to serve & meet their needs as our Leader Jesus did for His bride. In our families – as we train our children – by our words encouraging spiritual growth – and more importantly – as we actually live what we say we believe – passing to them the torch of faith in Christ. In our jobs – as we acknowledge them as gifts from God – as we work believing God is truly our boss – and as we see our jobs as opportunities to serve our employers and co-workers as Jesus would do. In our church family – as we discover how God has gifted us spiritually – and then choose to use those gifts to build up His body here on earth. In our community – as we lead in being the “best citizens” – to the glory of God – some taking positions of leadership in the government.